The Story

Hydroroller was born out of a desire to get a deep workout massage and a cool drink all in the one efficient system that could be carried around with ease. Unlike other systems, we wanted the massage to be the best on the market and with the EVA foam patterns backed with high quality double insulated stainless steel outer, we achieved this goal.

Whether it's for yourself or someone else, this is a must have for any athlete on the go.

100's of athletes around the world won't go out without their Hydroroller.

"The fact it fits in the side bottle holder of my back pack and is still better than any foam roller I've used is pretty cool. So easy to travel with It wouldn't even need to be a water bottle for me to buy one, but it is a real and convenient bonus." 

-Australian Sub 4-minute miler, Jordan Gusman

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Hydroroller is based in Perth, Western Australia