"Super excited to have my name and tick of approval behind the Hydroroller foam roller and water bottle in 1. the EVA foam coating on top of the stainless steel bottle provides a deep tissue massage, as well as keeping your drinks icy cold or piping hot. perfect for someone like myself who is always on the go. a travel essential." -Liz Paranova, Australian Commonwealth Games Pole Vault representative.

"This is my son Zach Miller-Wright using his Hydroroller at Queensland State Cross Country Championships. He was competing for South Coast Region in under 13s.

He loves the Hydroroller. It keeps his water cold and helps him stay hydrated before a race then he’s got instant access to a roller to stretch out after his race. It means there’s less to pack in his bag and less to lose which makes Mum happy." - Rene' Miller (Happy mum)

"Love it." D J Geb (Australian Half Marathon Representative and Hydroroller user).  

"I've used the hydroroller for foam rolling since it arrived last week and it does a great job. I tested out the insulation at the freezing cold Sandown road relays last Saturday and it kept my cup of tea boiling hot from before leaving my house at 10:30am until I had done my race and warm down at 2:30. Very impressed! I also used it to roll out my quads post race. It's very convenient for runners as it does two jobs which are vital for race day. Big tick from me!"- Elite distance runner, Nick Earl 

"The fact it fits in the side bottle holder of my back pack and is still better than any foam roller I've used is pretty cool. So easy to travel with It wouldn't even need to be a water bottle for me to buy one, but it is a real and convenient bonus." - Australian Sub 4-minute miler, Jordan Gusman

"Thanks for the Hydroroller. It’s been a fantastic tool for recovery so far. I’m absolutely loving the fact it’s so portable and easy to carry with me. It’s been great for travelling too." - The McInnes' (avid runners)
"The Hydroroller is a convenient 2-in-1 drink bottle and roller. After exercise not only can you rehydrate but you can also roll out those tight muscles."
Abdul-Raouf Mohamed-Isa  (avid runner)
"I love my Hydroroller! I have to admit, I'm a bit addicted to taking it everywhere with me, from the gym, to just chilling and getting a roll done in-between classes. A great investment and keeps my tea warm all day!" - May J (Med student and former NCAA Division 1 tennis player)
"The Hydroroller is a fantastic product. It is easy to take to sessions and everyday activities. Because of its dual purpose, I have been able to increase my time spent rolling as it is always with me. As a roller it is very solid with a great foam pattern. As a drink bottle it doesn't leak, keeps drinks insulated and has a nice wide opening". -Sean Kelleher (Avid runner training with RunLab)

"The Hydroroller is now most most used and convenient piece of fitness equipment that I own. It gives a better massage than any foam roller I've owned and keeps my drink cool or hot for hours on end. It's also a great gift for people who like to workout. Terrific work guys." - Ray Johnson (Masters elite level swimmer and former top triathlete)

"I love the Hydroroller, it's so awesome. I take it everywhere, especially uni because I go straight from training to uni or straight from uni to training, so its always good to have it handy when I'm sitting around all day. Also, weirdly enough, I have found that I've been drinking HEAPS more water since I've had it because the water stays cold and I always have the bottle on me! 🙂" -Nicole Gusman (Track and athlete and coach)